How To Harness Your Anxiety

There’s a simple ABC formula for fear-whispering. When fear shows up, we: allow it, befriend it and channel it. Learn how to become a fear whisperer.

Living Your Values When Life...

We often find ourselves in situations that we don’t want to be in or having to do things we don’t particularly like.

What is Mindfulness?

Russ debunks common mindfulness myths and helps us understand what mindfulness really is.

The No BS Guide To...

What is self-compassion, why is it important and how can we learn to be better at it?

Dealing with Dilemmas

Dr. Russ gives some powerful tips on how to approach life’s dilemmas

Managing Difficult Thoughts and Feelings

Most of us can handle difficult thoughts and feelings when they aren’t overwhelming, but what about when they are more extreme?

Creating Lasting Change – 7...

Dr. Russ Harris walks us through his 7 tips for making positive new habits stick.

Why Social Anxiety is Worse...

In part 2 of Dr. Russ’s Anxiety Series, he walks us through why anxiety affects some people so much more than others.

The Biggest Myth About Social...

Dr. Russ Harris debunks ‘the biggest myth’ around social anxiety and shares his top tip on how to handle it.

Being Right – Part 2

In part 2 of Dr. Russ Harris’s ‘Being Right’ series, we learn how to better manage our desire to ‘be right’.

Being Right – Part 1

Dr. Russ Harris explains why always trying to ‘be right’ could be causing us – and our relationships – more harm than good.

No Worries?? Really??

Dr. Russ Harris gives us fresh perspective on worrying.

Rebuilding Trust

If we have been badly hurt, threatened, betrayed, cheated, deceived or abused by others, often we find it hard to trust again. This especially likely if the people that did this to us were close friends or family members, or someone in a high trust…

Pointless Arguments

Have you ever had an argument along these lines?  Of course you have.  Everyone does.  And isn’t it almost always a complete waste of time?

The problem is, human memory is fallible.  We all like to believe our memory is accurate, but the inconvenient truth is, it’s often unreliable…

Donkeys, Carrots, & Sticks

I’m guessing you’ve got a pet donkey to help carry your goods to the marketplace (unless you’ve upgraded to a camel).  Now, what’s the best way to motivate your donkey?  To whip it with a stick?  Or to offer it a carrot?..