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The Biggest Myth About Social Anxiety

Dr. Russ Harris debunks ‘the biggest myth’ around social anxiety and shares his top tip on how to handle it.

Being Right – Part 2

So, how can you tell if you’re too caught up in ‘being right’? Well, indicators may include: A lot of judging and criticising others, feeling superior or looking down on others, intolerance, condescension, smugness, refusing to back down…

Being Right – Part 1

“There are two cardinal sins: Looking good and being right”.

I love this quote from my mentor, Steve Hayes. In a later blog we’ll cover ‘looking good’ but for now, we’re going to focus on ‘being right’.

No Worries?? Really??

I give workshops all around the world and in every country I visit they have some version of the phrase “No worries”.

In my homeland, Australia, “No worries” is virtually a national catchphrase. It’s incredibly rare to have a conversation without someone saying it…