Happiness Trap Online Program Testimonials


Hi Everyone, I must say I am really grateful for this course, I did another course a half a year ago where the teacher always said stuff like: just repeat your positive affirmations and everything will be just fine.

I have this gut feeling which always told me that something was off. Now it feels really right, as all in this program is really non-violent as in nonviolent communications. I wanted to say thanks for this! And I really appreciated the spin with the plane crash for the funeral speech, did not see how we could get out of there alive 😉




Alexander Jager – Cologne, Germany






Jacques Caron – Montreal, Quebec, Canada



I was really thrilled when I saw the advertisement for this program and it has literally surpassed my expectations. I felt so much “presence ” from your part every week that I am already looking forward to registering again for the next session. It is going to be “My Christmas present” 🙂

I am certainly a different and better person since I started to use some of the “so numerous” advice and practical means presented by Russ. So, little by little, I will integrate and live in accordance with some of the ACT approach.

The fact that some parts of me have changed during those 8 weeks, motivate me to redo the program again so I will see how those new parts will react to a revisiting of the “HAPPINESS TRAP PROGRAM”.

Thank you again to all the “PSYCHWIRE TEAM” for investing so much effort, time and money to present us a such a high-quality program. It will bring sun rays to the rest of my life.






It really resonates with me, I particularly like that Russ doesn’t do the “positive thinking” stuff and really drives home, each week, the futility of labeling your thoughts and actions as “bad, wrong, negative”. It really has brought me a lot of comfort.




Caroline Blackburn – Churt, Surrey, UK






Vera Almeida – Denmark



I’m happy to have the opportunity to express my feelings about this course. It is excellent and high above all my expectations.

There are so many tools that have been shared, so much good material in the library. I’m sure I will use some time after the course is finished, to go throw all of it. I’ve already recommended the course to my cousin and his family that are having a hard time at home at the moment because of an alcohol abuse situation. I gave them the book The Happiness Trap to read to start with. So nice to know that there is help nearby 🙂

Through the course, when thinking of values, goals, and actions, I was also finding the real purpose of my life, ACT for me really has been a wonderful tool for development of myself, for knowing better who I am and, the most important of all, who I want to be.





“I’m simply amazed. This course is everything I had hoped it would be – and more.”




David Lorscheid – Germany






Lynn Page – Staffordshire, United Kingdom



I decided to do the program as I had studied ACT while qualifying as a Counsellor in the UK, and wanted to find out more. I have read the book, and it really helped my own anxieties, so want to use it to help my own clients. In fact, I used the values and goals work to great results with one of my clients yesterday. I’m loving it.

I think ACT will become a bigger part of my practice in the future, I am also in the process of doing a further qualification in coaching, and I think the techniques that I have learned in the program will fit in with that in a really positive way.





I’m getting a lot out of the program. I’m a psychologist and I often recommend Russ’s books and videos to clients. This 8-week program is a refresher for me. Russ makes ACT comprehensible. He is a great model to follow. Thank you!




Laura Tahir






Chris Bennett



Thank you very much for week one. I have delved into ACT before and use it regularly in my work and personal life. I am hoping to deepen my understanding of ACT and, more importantly, APPLY IT! Yes, translating intellectual knowledge into practical everyday applications can be challenging.

Coming back to the Choice Point exercise with the expanded course narrative was very helpful. I had plenty of away moves to challenge me but was pleasantly surprised at how many embedded toward moves I had clocked up, derived mainly from previous ACT information. So .. my take home is: this is always going to be a work in progress, to fully benefit from the powerful potential in ACT requires continuous effort, it is never finished” but once I’ve come to terms with that I can sit back and enjoy the ride.”





Right now I’ve finished the week one lesson and just want to thank you – Russ – and your team sooo much! Only a few days are over but I have learned soooo much about me, the things which lead me away from what I want and give me the first idea how to change this! This is enormous and I am deeply grateful.

You’ve presented all this in a way that feels light and relieving, easy to follow, encouraging, motivating….And so practical!! I have read the first chapters of your book and I am really happy you found ways to bring me directly into the main material here in this course!




Kristin Benecke






Lisa Carnell



I want to start off by saying thank you, Russ, for your book and now program. Your book was suggested to me by a psychologist I was seeing as an outpatient earlier this year at a rehabilitation hospital here in Melbourne whilst recovering from bilateral knee replacements. When I came home from rehab depression set in.

It was a tough mental and physical recovery which took its toll on me, but also all the old stuff from many years that had caused depression came flooding back as well. Everything hit me like a tonne of bricks and I really could not see a future for me. I had previously been on antidepressants for about 13 years and had come off them a few years ago. I refused to go back on them again.

I have battled with depression and anxiety on and off as far as I can remember, actually probably before I can remember as a small child. I have read many personal development books, listened to many CDs, attended many motivational seminars, floatation therapy, repeated many affirmations, set many goals and got really good at distraction by being busy in my work, which is helping people look good and feel good by teaching them how to dress.

There’s definitely more to feeling good than dressing up. I know that personally. You have shed a light on my suffering and around those ongoing, sometimes 100mph voices in my head and emotions that can be destructive and crippling. I now practice asking myself questions whether the challenging thoughts and feelings are helpful or unhelpful and practice defusing every day. I practice being an observer. I’m not fighting myself, or my family every day.

My husband even mentioned today he’s noticed I haven’t been so reactive. I am committed to my towards moves. Being a visual person this program is what brings it all together for me. Love what you’ve done! Thank you.





First of all: Thank you, Russ! I have read your book and felt that I needed more practical guidance, so I am super happy that you offered this course.

Having said that, I agree with Matt. I am familiar with mindfulness techniques, and so many things I do in my life are already related to my values. But a lot of things are pretty hard at the moment on many levels, and I don’t know how the Towards Moves can help here.




Gesine Borcherdt






Irene Rowbottom



Hello. I read the Happiness Trap book and found it such a relief to know that it is normal to have negative thoughts, worries etc and to become hooked by them. I enrolled in this programme in the hope that it will help me to take practical steps to make changes rather than just reading and thinking that will solve things.

I have enjoyed the first module but find it difficult to come up with many toward moves since much of my problem is the mind chatter” which keeps playing out in my mind and hooks me back in just as I think I am “free.” Don’t know if that makes sense! Thank you, Russ and team, for providing this opportunity to participate and also to share others’ experiences.”





Very well put together and a lot more helpful than reading a book.




Matthew L – New York, USA