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Therapists & Coaches

For professional training in ACT, in Australia, visit our sister website:   
There are a wealth of free resources on this website, for therapists and coaches to use in conjunction with The Happiness Trap. You can find these on the free resources page

Simple Overview of ACT: To download a simple, non-technical, easy-to-read overview of ACT ( called 'Embracing Your Demons',  an article from Psychotherapy Australia magazine) click here. 
Mindfulness Training: To download a paper by Ruth Baer on Mindfulness Training As A Clinical intervention, click here
ACT & Chronic Pain & Chronic Stress: A paper by Dahl & Wilson - click here
ACT & Substance Abuse:  A paper by Kelly Wilson et al - click here
Values-centred Interventions In ACT: Superb article by Kelly Wilson - click here
Defining Mindfulness: An interesting article on mindfulness by Steve Hayes - click here
ACT Hexaflex: A simple slideshow of the ACT model (known as the "ACT hexaflex"), click here