Complement Your Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Sessions with the Happiness Trap Online Program: Practitioners’ Edition

The Practitioners’ Edition of the Happiness Trap Online Program is an easy-to-use adjunct to your therapy and coaching sessions.

You can use the program to complement therapy or coaching with any of your clients, helping to increase your effectiveness in session, save time and energy and assist with psychoeducation.


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How Does It Work?

For ACT Practitioners, The Happiness Trap Online Program: Practitioners’ Edition is totally free, with unlimited access.

It comes with a simple map and guidelines on how to use the program for many purposes – including:

  • Psychoeducation
  • Setting “homework”
  • Reinforcing core concepts
  • Normalising and validating clients’ struggles,
  • Overcoming common sticking points, and
  • Fleshing out topics you’ve introduced in sessions.

You can also join Dr. Russ Harris and your peers on a private forum on Psychwire, where you can support each other in the use of ACT with your clients.

Discounted access for your clients

Once you have enrolled in the Practitioners’ Edition, you will get a unique discount code which you can pass on to any number of clients.

This code enables them to access The Happiness Trap program for only $70 (usual price $295).

Benefits to you

Save time and energy during sessions.

Your clients have a ready resource they can use to practice new skills.

There’s lots of exercises to help your sessions become more productive.

ACT skills and strategies are presented in an easily understandable way to help with psychoeducation.

If your clients get stuck you can direct them to weeks or modules that you think might be the most helpful for them.

Benefits to your clients

They access the program at a 75% discount ($70 instead of $295).

They receive 6 month’s access, starting whenever they like.

They receive your assistance in going directly to the most relevant exercises.

The program is an ongoing support if there’s a long time between your sessions.

The program is jammed packed full of tools, exercises and downloads to build new skills.

How to Activate Your Access to the Happiness Trap Online Program: Practitioners' Edition


Please complete the quick form at the top of this page to register your interest.


We will verify and approve your registration within two business days and set up your access to the Happiness Trap Online Program: Practitioners' Edition.


We will send you a unique coupon code, which any number of your clients can use to sign up the Happiness Trap Program for just $70 AUD (usual retail price $295)

What Therapists & Clients Say About the Program

"I’m a psychologist and I often recommend Russ’s books and videos to clients. Russ makes ACT comprehensible. He is a great model to follow. Thank you!"
Laura Tahir
"I decided to do the program as I had studied ACT while qualifying as a Counsellor... In fact I used the values and goals work to great results with one of my clients yesterday. I'm loving it!"
Lynn Page
"This is really a life enhancing course. Thank you for sharing your passion and breaking down the concepts of ACT into such a digestible and relatable way!"
Gia Clark
"I’m simply amazed. This course is everything I had hoped it would be, and more."
David Lorscheid

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